Hi! I’m Maurice.

Through my company Quantum Monkeys, I made my life work to experiment with different emerging notions, gaining concrete, practical expertise with them and finding how to use theses insights in a variety of situations.

After years of experimenting and bringing my results to my corporate clients, I decided to create The Antifragile Mind to allow ANYONE to benefit from my expertise and that of fellow antifragilists.

While Quantum Monkeys focus on the business applications of my work, The Antifragile Mind focuses on the personal applications. Still, most of the blog posts I write anywhere will end up here.

I use the concept of antifragility as a thread that links my writings, but we will explore many ideas and practices. Like we say in Quebec: “Attache ta tuque!”

Feel free to contact me at maurice@antifragilemind.ca
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About Me

Maurice Lefebvre

Maurice Lefebvre

Executive coach, business designer, and writer. With Quantum Monkeys, I help clients adapt to the chaos of the modern business world by building sustainable strategies and growing people. Read me on The Antifragile Mind (www.antifragilemind.ca).

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